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About us

For eight years we have been assisting people to get a job in the oil industry. We specialise in assisting people who are looking at entering the oil industry for the first time, or who are looking to re-enter it after some previous experience.

We do not offer to send your resume out to fifty, one hundred or even two hundred oil companies - as there is very little benefit to be had from this unless you understand what working in the oil industry entails.

Instead, we offer our customers expert recommendations for jobs, based on your specific requirements:

  • the jobs you indicate an interest in (or that we identify would be suited to you)
  • the regions you want to work in
  • training and licenses you require (if any), and where to get these
  • and we take into account your other preferences.

We specialise in helping people who have no experience to understand the industry better. We are proud of our track record of advising many hundreds of people about the best way for them to go about securing work in the oil industry. Oil Rig Job is a trading name of a US registered company Haldeman LLC.

Oil Rig Job is not an oil company nor a recruitment agency. We do not own oil rig sites and nor do we place people in jobs. What we do is provide recommendations on the best way to get work in the industry, and we provide an in depth assessment on such issues as the types of roles which may be best suited to you, training you may need to undertake to improve your employment prospects, as well as providing assistance with improving resumes.

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