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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs - Careers In Oil

Careers in oil are in high demand worldwide as well as South Africa everyone wants to get it a job that is stable, respectable, and well paid an careers and oil are all of these things and they're in exotic locations. If you want to get out of South Africa and see the world careers and oil might seem appealing to you too.

If you have heard anything about careers in oil, you probably already know of all the amazing benefits offered to oil workers. Those with careers and oil in South Africa work in different shifts than most people are used to. Oil workers are on a rates working seven days a week in eight or 12 hour shifts, usually for about two weeks at a time.

Although that may seem strenuous those with careers and oil in South Africa receive plenty of off time away from the rig. Workers receive about two weeks holiday time in between shifts, and travel to and from home is all paid for by the oil industry.

Unfortunately, careers and oil don't just fall in your lap. Just like anything else in life, reward only comes to those who work hard. If you are serious about careers in oil in or outside of South Africa, you need to be able to impress the employer during your first interview. Once you do that, the cat's in the bag.

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