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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs - Mine Jobs

What comes to mind when you think of mine jobs in South Africa? Do you think of old movies depicting men with black faces crawling through soot? Well, there are more mine jobs than just the ones you see in the movies. There our natural resources throughout the world to be mined.

There are mine jobs in South Africa and other parts of the world much more pleasant than the ones depicted in movies. Mine jobs such as oil rig work. In particular, offshore work tends to be very popular for those looking into mine jobs.

Unlike the movie mine jobs in South Africa that usually represent salt mining and coal mining, rig work mines oil. Oil, being a very popular and lucrative industry happens to be one of the nicest mining industries to work in. The work is still hard, but is very different.

No working underground for mine jobs on oil rig in South Africa. Everything is out in the open ocean. In fact, the derrickman position even gets to stand far atop the mast on the oil rig; they can see everything for miles. The sea breeze is refreshing, the work is challenging, and the pay is very good.

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