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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs - Oil Rig Jobs

Hardhats, safety boots, safety glasses, coveralls; sound like your kind of attire? If you want huge pay for hard work, oil rig jobs are for you. Oil rig jobs in South Africa and outside of South Africa are worth the effort. Generally workers get two weeks on and two weeks off, wherever you work in the world. Curious to see South America? There's surely a rig near by.

Oil rig jobs are unlike any other job you have ever had in South Africa. You work in 12 or eight hour shifts seven days a week when you're on the rig. During your shift you get three breaks that you can spend at one of the many tea shacks on board. These areas allow you to kick up your feet, eat a tasty cake, and drink a refreshing tea.

Although food service for oil rig jobs are available 24 seven, the catering staff usually try to do a theme once a week, such as Mexican food or Chinese food. Along with these special once a week meals oil rig jobs in South Africa also offer tons of other benefits depending on the rig, often including satellite TVs in every room.

If you do end up traveling from South Africa to South America for your oil rig jobs, there's no financial worries because your employer pays for your trips back and forth. You definitely can't beat free, especially with a salary like they offer in this industry. Oil rig jobs are considered one of the highest paying entry-level jobs on the market.

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