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The following are some recent unsolicited testimonials we have received from our customers:

Case study

Kalvin came to us in June to see how we could help him start a career in the oil industry. He had background in mechanical engineering and was working as a maintenance engineer when he took up the service. He had no previous experience in the oil industry and was seeking our help and advice to give him the confidence he needed to start applying for jobs.

That October, he was successful in securing a role in a well-known company within the industry. Here's what he had to say about our service and his new position:

"My first role within the company will be as Roughneck for 3 months, following this I will be working as Mechanical Technician on board various Drillships, Jackup Rigs and fixed installation Rigs.

I have wanted to work in the oil industry for many years but I have never found the sound advice required to help me gain entry until now. I've always wanted to work offshore for the fast paced work, job satisfaction, and also I must be honest to admit the money and time off is great.

The CV check service was very useful to me, once I followed your instructions I started to receive immediate responses from various companies and agencies that you also recommended.

It was your services that helped me create the all important CV required to get noticed by employers in such a busy market,and also if it wasn't for your services I would not be employed today, as I'm employed with a world leader in offshore drilling by a company you advised me to apply with.

Many Thanks


"I would like to thank you very much for the Job information that you have sent me I did go through it and it was very helpful to me because I didn't know anything in the Oil industry."
Mduduzi, South Africa, 26th June 2017

"Attention to Kayla, Thanks for all your information, it's been helpful and motivating."
Emanuel, South Africa, 30th January 2016

"Att: Kayla I'm lacking words to express my gratitude about what you guys really enlightened me regarding the oil industry, massive opportunities one may gain for life and once again keep it up for good work up there!"
Rupert, South Africa, 29th December 2015

"Thanks so much you guys for putting together the information which is quite every useful to me."
Sikhumbuzo, South Africa, 14th November 2015

"I have read through all your recommendations and am pleased to say I am very impressed."
Deon, South Africa, 6th November 2015

"Good morning you guys are really amazing I had my doubts but you proved me wrong I appreciate all you doing for me really wow at the moment. God bless you for all you doing thanks. "
Grant, South Africa, 28th October 2015

"Morning Team Thank you for all the information ... quite an overload ... but very user friendly and informative! Well done ... :-)"
Gary, South Africa, 16th September 2015

"Hello Leigh Thank you very much for the order, I went through it, it's quite informative."
Martin, South Africa, 11th September 2015

"Thank you for the email and the comprehensive information. Going through it made me feel like I was already back in the Oil Industry. "
Taruwana, South Africa, 9th July 2015

"Thank you for the information pack you sent me. It is really very informative."
Johann, South Africa, 1st July 2015

"Thank you so much for the informative attachment."
Dale, South Africa, 20th June 2015

"Hello Tanique. Thanks for the email I appreciate each and every detail you sent me, I'm well honored to express my gratitude and be blessed. Thanks a lot I'm gonna start applying now. Clive"
Clive, South Africa, 28th May 2015

"Hi Tanique Thank you very much for being my consultant and I am confident that although at this moment my resume is not doing justice to me you are going to assist me until I realize my dreams! Yes, I have gone through the document you sent me two days ago and now have a career in mind."
Mike, South Africa, 24th May 2015

"Hello Tanique Good morning Thank you for taking your time to gather and combine information that I really need to get into this oil industry, I do appreciate."
Clive, South Africa, 29th April 2015

"Hi Sir Dani, i just want to say thank you for your advise and guidance in this career of HSE oil and gas industry. Now the good news are that I got a job in Dubai, and i have almost completed the processing with Ministry of Interior of getting the required papers. The company is hiring me as an expatriate from Kenya as an HSE OFFICER of which i have signed a contract with them of 3 years- Renewable.Thank you for your support, advise and guidance on enabling me work in this oil and gas industry in such a great position. God bless you as you help more people that come for your help."
Patrick, Kenya, 2nd February 2015

"I would recommend your company to anyone as you are very efficient and helpful and professional."
Ernst, South Africa, 12th November 2014

"I wish to thank you all for your outstanding support and service, as well as good and regular communication updates...Once again, my sincere thanks to you and all the staff for your undivided attention and unselfishness in the support you are giving."
Manie, South Africa, 3rd October 2014

"Thank you so much for all the information, it is of great help to me."
Hannes, South Africa, 8th September 2014

"All the information you sent me is great."
Alfonzo, South Africa, 18th August 2014

"Thanks a lot for the information! The package is very helpful and it's full of information! I am amazed about what was included in the package!"
Randy, South Africa, 15th August 2014

"Thank you for a succinct, easy to read and follow document on Oil Rig Jobs."
Eugene, South Africa, 12th December 2013

"Thank you for sending me such an eye opening advice and info."
Tshililo, South Africa, 15th November 2013

"Thank you for your reply, all the information you have sent me has been really helpful, thanks,"
Fezile, South Africa, 28th October 2013

"Thank you so much for the information you sent me."
Nomfundo, South Africa, 21st October 2013

"Thank you so much for all the info!"
Theo, South Africa, 2nd October 2013

" Thank you very much for all your time and help regarding all the information. "
Francois, South Africa, 19th September 2013

"Thank you for the tailor-made info! I appreciate it!"
Jaco, South Africa, 11th September 2013

"Thank you for the information. It is very thorough and explained well. I would like to thank you for the hard work you have put in to the document and looking at my information."
Danica, South Africa, 16th August 2013

"Firstly thank you for all your information!!! It gave me a solid understanding of the industry and how to go about it as well."
Andrew, South Africa, 23rd July 2013

"Thank you very much for the valuable info."
Antonie, South Africa, 15th February 2013

" Thanks so much for your info it has been very helpful."
Darryl, South Africa, 12th February 2013

"Hi, thanks for all your efforts. This information is really good and extensive."
Bernardo, South Africa, 1st February 2013

"Hey thanks so much. Truly appreciate all the work you guys have put in. "
Heyns, South Africa, 25th January 2013

"Thank you for the report you compiled for me. I know what I can expect going forward."
Ernst, South Africa, 21st January 2013

"Thank you for helpful file, which you have sent to me recently"
Ronald, South Africa, 21st January 2013

"Thank you for the email I found the information in it very interesting and helpfull."
Michael, South Africa, 17th January 2013

"Thanking you for all the valuable information, time and concern. This truly helps us."
Morne, South Africa, 14th November 2012

"Have read all the information you have sent me. I am happy with the pro's and con's. I definitely want to give it a shot!"
Alois, South Africa, 25th October 2012

"Thank you very much for all the information that you've sent to me. I will go through this document. Your service is very good hopefully you will help me through this process. Thank you very much God bless you."
Ntombikhona, South Africa, 11th October 2012

"Thank you so much for the recommendations PDF, it answered many questions I had before i opened the document."
Jacob, South Africa, 19th September 2012

"Thank you for all the information you have send me. It looks GREAT!"
Gawie, South Africa, 21st August 2012

"I have read the report with interest and get the overall picture. Very well put together. "
Noel, South Africa, 21st August 2012

"Just want to say thank you, I'm so impressed in how quick helpful everyone been!!!"
Ryan, South Africa, 29th May 2012

"The recommendations document was very informative."
Donnovan, 27th December 2011

"Thank you for sending the pdf through, the reading was helpful and insightful."
Carl, South Africa, 23rd December 2011

"Thank you for all your trouble so far. I really appreciate it all."
Gert, South Africa, 6th December 2011

"Thanks for the reccomendations regarding my CV, will definitely use the advice. I am getting exited at the possible prospects....thanx guys!"
Cooper, South Africa, 16th November 2011

"Thank you for all the information sent thus far, I have read everything and have found it interesting."
Mark, South Africa, 10th November 2011

"Thanks so much for your help so far."
Lize, South Africa, 2nd November 2011

"Thank you so much for all the info, it will help allot!"
Christo, South Africa, 27th October 2011

"Thank you for the information you sent me, it was very helpful and informative"
Reinhart, Cape Town, 7th October 2011

"Thanks so much for all the help you have provided so far."
Reinhart, South Africa, 29th September 2011

"I've received the pdf file and uploaded it. The information is very help full"
Curtis, South Africa, 9th June 2011

"Thanks you very much for the information you sent to me, now I have a clear understanding of how the Oil Rig Industry operates. "
McDonald, South Africa, 27th January 2011

"hi thanx for sending the info about the industy. it helped me alot to understand the industry much better"
Mogammad, South Africa, 8th September 2010

"Thanks for the value added information."
Ashley, South Africa, 7th September 2010

"Thank you so much for your feedback and input. It is greatly appreciated."
Alex, South Africa, 15th July 2010

"Hello Thanks for the information you have send to me"
Morris, South Africa, 19th May 2010

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